What we do

Advanced Presentation Strategy and Design

Our audiences have become more distracted, demanding and sceptical. Therefore, every presentation must impact them and compel them to act, if we are to retain or gain their confidence.

How the Advanced Presentation Strategy and Design Workshop Is Different

This workshop is specifically designed for achieving impact in tough presentation situations, and in particular, situations that involve communicating complex information. It is solidly based on extensive empirical research and has been field-tested with some of the largest and most demanding companies in the world.

Presentation delivery training

“A good presentation squanders the opportunity of being a great presentation” – Nick Morgan. This is quite often because the good work done on the strategy and presentation design is undone by poor delivery.

Pitch Consulting

The cost of responding to tenders or submitting proposals can be an expensive exercise, the pressure to win is great and the competition is strong. Therefore, we need to ensure that every dollar spent on an RFT response or proposal generates the necessary return on that investment.

Program Formats

No two engagements are the same, therefore we adapt our facilitation to the objectives of our client.