Learn How to Deliver in a Persuasive, Engaging, Confident and Authentic Manner to Maximise the Success of Your Next Presentation.

“A good presentation squanders the opportunity of being a great presentation”  This is quite often because the good work done on the strategy and presentation design is undone by poor delivery.  The presenters nerves get in the way and the presenter loses their place or the presenter is either apathetic or over enthusiastic which erodes the intent of the message.

Failure to deal with sub optimal delivery means that all the hard work put in to the strategy and design of your presentation is wasted and the probability of achieving your objective is diminished.

The The Art of Presence program teaches how to deliver a presentation on a physical, emotional and logical level. If we are able to ensure that our presentation is delivered on these three levels then we will optimize our chance of success and deliver a great presentation that is also truly authentic.

In this program you will learn how to:

  • Connect and interact with the audience enabling you to feel like you are not under the microscope, giving you greater confidence and presence.
  • Understand how to rehearse, ensuring that your presentation has the maximum probability of success.
  • Use your own unique movement, gesture and voice to ensure we keep the audience engaged.
  • Be an authentic presenter, understanding that we don’t have to be someone we are not.
  • Deal with nerves, so that they can be channelled in the right direction and not get in the way of a great presentation.

The Art of Presence is also unique in that it incorporates three additional key elements described below.

  1. Helping people to balance their energy levels and stay in a healthy mental zone
  2. How to achieve a focused lift when they need to perform
  3. How to build resilience

The program is conducted in a one day workshop. We also consult on live projects for individuals or teams and coach one on one.