Presentation Delivery

Presentation delivery training or coaching starts with establishing:

  • Who your audience is
  • What your objective is and the topic you are addressing and
  • How you will sequence your presentation and the visual aids you will be using.

Then we can start to focus on your presentation delivery technique. We focus on two elements:

  • Authenticity and
  • Being your best

Authenticity is the quality of being real or true. People can sense very quickly whether we are being ourselves or trying to be someone else. In order to give ourselves the best chance of being true, we need to be in a state where we are calm and alert before we present. We show you how.

Being your best is stretching you so you know how to express a range of emotions in a way that connects with everyone in your audience. We explore how you use your eight unique behaviours of facial expression, eye contact, posture, body movement, gestures, proximity, dress and voice.

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